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"Are You Ready to Really
Change Your Fate?"
You Are INVITED To Officially Begin the Journey NOW!
"Andrea is gifted and caring; her knowledge is deep and her enthusiasm is infectious. She is dedicated to empowering people through her study of the human design and puts her all into preparing your reading. The longer the session, the more you learn about yourself, and the deeper you can connect to your truth. She helped me to accept who I am, and make descisions that best serve me. No more feeling badly about my collection of things, I'm a materialist! Thank you so much for your wonderful readings!"
Chris Doo, Plava Bodyworks
Do you want to stop the cycle of  
frustration, bitterness, anger and disappointment
that colors your life?
Get ready to learn why and how
 to experiment with your genetic keys
that can unlock your unique potential!
My Living Your Design Awakening Program sells for $350, but you can get one for just $299 until 3/31!  Get started on the Fundamentals of Human Design  

DON'T MISS OUT! Transformation AWAITS!
Here's What People From All Walks of Life Are Saying:
"Andrea is the best teacher so far I ever meet for human design. I follow her course, and she is so passionate and dedicate to the human design system that is so amazing! 

I truly recommend you to have a reading with her, or better to start your journey with a course! She is a great listening and understanding, very good to guide you and lead you through your deep true nature. 
Thanks a lot ! you are the best and what a beautiful gift for the planet !"

Benjamin Torre, Conscious Spirit Media
"So here's the deal. I'm a systems guy. I know what works, I know what is shaky and I know when a person knows what their doing. So, I'm really careful who I invest in to offer me guidance. Andrea is the real deal. I'm incredibly impressed with her ability to wield the system of HD to capture so quickly things about myself that took me decades to figure out.
So, stop reading this, message andrea and sign up for whatever she recommends, its going to be worth it. "
Dr. Matt Kreinheder

"Andrea is great! She communicates so well, and her reading was like the most amazing confirmation of who I am. Human Design has made me realize that I don't have to fit in to the "norm", and that the way I do things is different and that's okay. It's the way I'm designed. I felt like I was doing what felt right, but somehow in the back of my mind there were things that said "you really should be doing what Sally is doing" in my business, but I've since realized that that is completely untrue. Trying to live up to someone else's design was just exhausting, and totally unnecessary.
Andrea helped me to confirm all of the things I was feeling. A reading with Andrea is well worth the time and money. It's one of the best gifts you can give yourself." 

Aypril Porter, Living Matters Nutrition
"Andrea has such engaging energy and is an absolute pleasure to talk with and learn from. I am amazed at the accuracy of her reading and her thorough understanding of the energetics. She presents the information with excitement and a true sense of interest in your design.
This session has brought multiple levels of clarity regarding my career strengths as well as areas of improvement. I feel that understanding the way your body is designed to function in the world is one of the single most important tools for transformation and living a fulfilling life. In the few short days I have been implementing her advice I already feel more in tune with myself and much more aware of my centers. I recommend Andrea’s services and encourage everyone to embrace your unique design!" 

Lauren Ashley, Lauren Ashley Living
"Andrea is great, she's patient, thorough and is good at explaining things in a way that is understandable. If you have questions, she holds space for them to be asked. She was refreshingly relatable and to the point. If you are beginning your HD journey, this is a good place to start." Jus Wright

"Andrea is an Awesome LYD guide. Love her energy and the way she teaches the human design system." Cheryl Glans
"What better way to know the world than to know yourself? If we all had the opportunity to connect with a guide who can lead us down the path of self discovery properly, we would be living in a completely different, correct world. There isn't an eloquent enough way to "rate" my experience with Andrea. I am eternally grateful for the time she spent with me guiding me through my chart, explaining my talents and quirks, and encouraging me to follow my authority which has never failed me in this life.. Thank you Andrea for assisting me graciously through this human experience. You are lovely." 

Katie Kleefisch 
"Dear Andrea, Your class was transformational for me. It has brought me so much self-awareness and with that the opportunity to live my design and greatly enhance the quality of my life in all respects. You are a blessing and a gift, and I am so grateful I found you and your class. You are an incredible teacher with so much wisdom and knowledge… and heart… thank you for sharing from your heart all that you are and all that you have learned. I will continue to follow you and join you in classes whenever I can."
Linda Naleway, Storytime Legal Productions
"I am confident the Human Design System is our own Personal User Manual for life. Well, if you want to learn more about *you* and how/why you interact with the other--the world around you--the way you do, I highly recommend signing up for a foundational reading with Andréa Abay-Abay. A foundational reading with a Certified Human Design Analyst is an excellent investment and you will learn the truth (make conscious what is unconscious) about who you are and how to maximize your success in all facets of this lifetime. I cannot recommend her guidance enough. This isn't a psychic reading; it's turning a light on the mechanics of who you be. ❤ Check out her offerings!"
June Hansen, VividLight Wellness
"Andrea is skillful and generous and has a brilliant way of explaining Human Design concepts. She responds to questions compassionately and clearly. What a great guide!"

Richard Seidman
Catalyst Coaching
"I participated in Andrea's LYD program for projectors and I should say it was really perfectly done. Andrea is a very talented guide who can easily explain difficult issues to beginners in Human Design. Besides she is a very open-hearted and caring person who can create a lovely friendly atmosphere during the sessions and is ready to support even when the course is over.  Andrea, thank you so much for the knowledge you share and good luck in your Human Design studies!"

Olga Ganeko
“I attended this class hoping to get a better understanding of Human Design. It surpassed my expectations. I found Andrea to be an excellent guide and teacher with a voice that kept me captivated throughout the entirety of the presentation. Highly recommend for those new to HD or even those (like me) who studied for a few years although still needed an awakening!”

Paul Raymond
"Thank you Andrea for the chance to participate in the Projector Awakening series of classes. It has been truly transformational for me. Your guidance and ability to communicate the HD system with such clarity and embodied wisdom has been incredible. Awakening is so the appropriate choice of words for the course - you have a gift for awakening others. I am so grateful for your teaching and experience and hope to continue to do work with you as I journey further in my experiment."

Trisha Nazzari, Clinical Psychologist
"Andrea is extremely knowledgable about Human Design and very intuitive about what's really important for her client's. She goes above and beyond the traditional expectations. I gained real insight into my process during her LYD class and even more insight into my relationships with my sons during a coaching session with her after finishing the class. I highly recommend Andrea as a coach and LYD guide."

Wanda Henke
"Andrea Abay-Abay is the truth! I had a 60 minute session with her last weekend about my personal human design...I'd have to say, I haven't stopped listening to it since! It was refreshing to finally talk to someone who just gets me! As a 1/3 Projector with an emotional authority, it is my nature to be a bit pessimistic about things. My personal life had just hit a wall, and it seemed as if everything was falling apart. Andrea explained things to me in a very realistic way. She made me aware of the way I was designed to love, which includes sadness. She explained that I was meant to bond with another, and not be alone. She explained how my defined heart center gives me the willpower to keep my promises, and helps attract others to my passion. Andrea used very real language that made me feel like she was talking to a friend, not just a student. I am very new to human design, but I am intrigued to know more. I feel more empowered than ever with the knowledge and information I have. Now that I know my power, I feel empowered! Andrea is amazing! Thank you so much Andrea!"
Aaron Miz Olette
"Just enjoyed an insightful, clearly expressed and empowering reading from Andrea! With much appreciation I invite other Projectors out there to make a connection! I started with her thorough and inspired Living Your Design course and am still going over my notes and her slides; as I'm sure I will continue to do for a long time. In a word, Excellent!"

Brigid Yeshe-Ryan Hildeburn
Learn to  Live Your Design And Recognize HOW you're DESIGNED TO BE DIFFERENT Now!
My Living Your Design Awakening Program sells for $350, but you can get one for just $299 until 3/31! Get started on the Fundamentals of Human Design and awaken your genetic potential!  
Why You Need Human Design:
Join me on A Surprising Journey of Awakening!
YOU CAN be the difference you want to see in the world. All it takes is a willingness to let go of what you've been trying to become all your life, and having the courage to experiment.

Google "How To Decide" and you get over 53 million hits.
Is it any wonder people get lost on what to do? 
Here's your chance to discover what can really work for you. 

Human Design:
The Science of Differentiation

Imagine being given a personal “user's manual”
A GPS within, guiding you to live YOUR life. 
Imagine this user manual showed the details of your gifts, skills and talents, along with where your potential downfalls are.
Imagine the manual gave you "how to choose" your perfect life...
the perfect joys, the perfect sorrows, the perfect experiences, the perfect lessons, the perfect mate, the perfect job, the perfect place to live...  
...all perfect for YOU, not anyone else.  
Your user's manual that gives you the very best chance in life for fulfillment.
The Benefits
Human Design helps you know exactly how you need to be nourished, inside and out. Human Design supports your growth with acceptance, understanding, and encouragement to let you be who you are, and live your own process, without trying to get you to "fit in" to society in any way.
Your user manual gives you a way of discovering the true you.
It shows you not what to decide, but how to decide - how to know when it's time to make a choice and how you choose. Your inner GPS empowers you to become your most unique self. 

-Can you imagine being secure and confident in yourself?
-Knowing no matter what, you can make decisions you trust? 
-Knowing what dangers to look out for, the temptations and distractions that lead you astray? 

Your user manual reveals how your GPS can be understood and followed.

Human Design shows you how. Everyone has a personal Authority. 
*** But not everyone knows how to access it. ***

Ready to begin a Journey of Awakening to your True Self?
My Living Your Design Awakening Program sells for $350, but you can get two months of weekly group coaching for just $299 until 3/31! Get started on the Fundamentals of Human Design  
FREE BONUS! 1 year of regular live Study Groups (2-3/month!)
Take Action! You Won't Regret It.
Regular Price: $350
You Save: $51
Today's Price: $299

LYD, ABC, CARTOGRAPHY + Your Human Design Foundation Reading
Regular Price: $1995
You Save: $498!!!
Today's Price: $1497
Regular Price: $450
You Save: $51
Today's Price: $399
Living Your Design is 2 months long, weekly 90min sessions
Foundation Reading is Required before next class:
Rave ABC's is 2 months, weekly 90min sessions.
Rave Cartography is 4 months, weekly 90min sessions
When you sign up, I want to make sure you're happy with this experience and me as your teacher.
Take the first class with me, risk-free. If you don't feel we're a good fit, simply ask for a refund. Please allow 7-10 days for processing

Have Questions? Need Help? 530-955-0444 Is my business phone number.

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